Sunday, April 05, 2009

Python Taming...

Computer programming. Fun. Kids.

These are words that most consider an unlikely mix, especially when you throw in another seemingly unwelcome word like Python. Children’s book author Warren Sande, and his inquisitive partner in crime Carter, take the task to hand and mix the words well.

Hello World! Programming for Children and Other Beginners is a clear and easy to digest voyage through the beginnings of programming with Python. The ease of navigation is supported through the balanced teaming of an author experienced in programming and a novice that isn’t afraid to ask the questions that most of us would likely let pass accompanied by a glazed look. The core elements of Python programming are clearly explained in terms and concepts that anyone, at just about any age, can understand.

By having a junior author involved in the learning process, the reader can quickly identify with the questions being asked to either reinforce the concept that they have learned, or if required, cling to it like a life preserver until they come to a better understanding. It’s a good writing strategy that not only supports an even paced read and lesson, but makes the task at hand genuinely more enjoyable.

It’s a cool approach, and that’s why the review is here.

If you have ever been interested in learning a contemporary programming language, with a variety of uses, you should get this book.

In using the book’s approach, you can be sure that Python won’t bite, and neither will Carter… at least I don’t think so.


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